Hydrangea Tea Cup

This week I brought out three cups and saucers from my china cabinet that two other bloggers commented on in a previous post.  Deborah at The Beautiful Matters and Linda at More Fun Less Laundry picked out some their favorites:


Since hydrangea plants are in their summer glory in my area, this week I will focus on the vintage hydrangea teacup by Paragon.


It is photographed with blooms from my Bombshell Hydrangea which in reality has white blossoms.


The thin bands of gold that decorate this cup is simple but elegant. Note the handle.


The cup is circa 1939-1949 per its double backstamp.


Sharing tea items this week with Antiques and Teacups, Bernideen’s and Martha’s Favorites. Although a post from Rose Chintz Cottage is missed this week, I am sure Sandi is happy spending with family.

Have a nice week,



10 thoughts on “Hydrangea Tea Cup

    • Hi Margie, I also like Paragon. I have many. Next week, I may favor Royal Albert as I have those also. The hydrangea by Paragon was made in another color way. Jill >


  1. Jill, I’m delighted to get a closer look at those teacups! The hydrangea pattern is stunning and so is your bombshell blossom! Imagine an entire table set with these hydrangea cups. Did you ever notice that those fluted edged cups are a little tricky to drink from daintily? You need to be very careful with them I think or a bit might trickle out. I would be willing to try with this pretty cup! Linda

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    • Hi Linda, A table setting of hydrangea cups would be festive. Of course, there would be a lovely arrangement of fresh cut hydrangea blossoms from the garden as the centerpiece. It would be perfect for a bridal shower tea. I admit that I have not sipped tea from the hydrangea cup so I have not considered the non-daintiness of doing so. 😉 Thank you for visiting.


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