Some Favorites

While ‘thrifting’ this spring and summer, I have found a few pretty cups and saucers. Then I realized they needed to be properly displayed so I could enjoy my vintage purchases. As you can see, I favor the cups with an interior design.

Aynsley Pansy; Coalport; Paragon Queen Elizabeth Coronation

This goes along with my ongoing reorganizing process. While recently writing posts, I realized that some of my dish-related favorites were not readily accessible. Time to change that. Cups, saucers and plates were unwrapped from their tissue paper and put on display in a vintage cabinet. I think I have a problem. However, in regards to the KonMari Method of decluttering, they all ‘spark joy’ so they will be happy to stay.


It has been a busy summer week which has included thrifting and planning a tea outing with friends. This week I shall be attending an afternoon tea at the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House as in the Ford automotive fame. Below photo from their website.


Soon I shall post about the afternoon tea details at the Ford Estate.

Recently I was a fortunate recipient of a generous giveaway by one of my favorite bloggers, Linda, at “More Fun Less Laundry.” If you have not yet visited Linda and when you are not laundering, I highly recommend you peak at her charming blog. With her wonderful photos and descriptive prose, it is easy to imagine that you are on one of her fun adventures or enjoying a homemade treat at one of her cleverly decorated tablescapes.

Yesterday, the giveaway (a Bean Bag as they are called on the East Coast) arrived from LL Bean. Can a canvas tote bag be considered pretty? Yes, if it has one’s initials nicely monogramed in a pretty color. Not only is it pretty, but it is practical and functional. Soon it will be traveling with me on a lavender-picking adventure. Thanks Linda!


Sharing this week with my favorite tea party hostesses:

Have a nice week,

October Rose





21 thoughts on “Some Favorites

  1. Oh Bernideen, your stuff is not clutter. I would say you have lots of “pretties.” I am delighted you like my teacups. I wonder how safe it is to have them stacked three high. It’s in an area that does not get lots of traffic. Jill


    • Thank you Christine for admiring my teacups. I admit I enjoyed arranging them that away. They all didn’t fit, so I have a few more else where. Now we have another sad day for France. Kindest regards, Jill


  2. Jill, I’m so excited about your upcoming visit to, and post about, Edsel Ford House — I’ve actually been there and loved it! We had such a grand time there. It’s lovely that you’ve brought out your teacup collection, and I like the way you’ve stacked them. If you’re worried about their stability, you can buy this stuff called “Quake Hold” (or something like that) and use a little to steady them.


    • Hi Jean, Today was the Ford House outing and it was delightful. I shall post in a day or two. It is fun to meet someone in blogland who has been there and enjoyed it. Thanks for the tip about Quake Hold. It may be good insurance for me. Kindest regards, Jill


  3. Oh Jill…what a wonderful teacup collection, and what a perfect way to display them! It is always a challenge, but you have solved it beautifully. Yep..I recognize your LLBean bag…we started buying from them when we lived in snow country starting in the 970s. Great stuff! Have a wonderful week and thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!


    • Hi Ruth, I’m tickled you like the collection. They are all English. There are more as I have been collecting for at least 25 years. There should be enough for a few more posts. 🙂 I am looking forward to using the Bean Bag. Thank you for hosting on Tuesdays! Kindest regards, Jill >


  4. Jill, you have a fabulous collection of teacups and I love how you have them displayed. I especially like how with the ones on top, you give us a peek at the inside pattern; beautiful! I know you will enjoy your trip to the Ford Estate. Thank you for sharing your pretties with us and have a lovely day.



    • Hi Sandi, It is very much appreciated that you like how I displayed them. Much better than being tucked away in a box. Today, I enjoyed my tea outing at the Ford Estate which I shall post about at a later date. Kindest regards, Jill >


  5. Hi Jill! Your teacup display looks lovely the way that you have them organized. Designs inside the cups are always a sweet surprise. I look forward to reading about your tea outing.


  6. Thanks for sharing your wonderful teacup collection. These beauties definitely deserve to be displayed! Congrats on winning the tote bag!


    • Hi Margie, I must admit that I enjoyed setting up the display. Over the weekend, my new tote bag went on its first adventure. I hope to do a post on it. Thank you for visiting.


  7. Oh, your teacups are beautiful!! What a lovely display. I had to look closely at them to try and pick my favorite. Hard to pick — Lady Carlyle is an all-time favorite, but I decided on the bottom shelf, second stack from the left, the top one. 🙂 Tomorrow it might be the pink striped one!
    Do you live in Michigan, too? I went to the Ford house years ago, and very much enjoyed it.


    • Hi Deborah, I am delighted you stopped by and really checked out the cups. You do have good taste as the one you picked today is a Shelley. The pattern name is Duchess. Oh, I love the pink stripped one. Yes, I live in Michigan. The Ford House has a lovely bridal gown exhibit this summer. Jill


  8. Hi Jill!
    I’m glad your bag arrived and I hope you will have many exciting adventures with it! This is a wonderful way to display your beautiful teacup collection! I love the one in the center of the lower shelf, bottom, which looks like it might be hydrangeas. Also the one with the green border next to it! Yes, I read the Kondo book too and in between hilarious bouts of laughter I did pick up a few tips, but I think too many of my things spark joy to really make a dent when I clean out. I think your idea to find better ways to display is really the answer. Have a nice day, Jill. Linda


    • Hi Linda, My new Bean Bag went on its first adventure over the weekend. I’ll blog about it in the near future. You are correct on the center cup on very bottom ~ hydrangea design. The green one is quite vivid. Personally, while decluttering, I found that I had too many things that did not spark joy. Haven’t finished Marie Kondo’s book yet as I get sidetracked by reading blogs. Lol. Jill


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