Red, White & Blue

This week was easy for choosing a theme for tea. Instead of fancy teacups and china, all white everyday dinnerware is featured on a vintage soft cotton red check tablecloth.


The blue plays its role in the form of fresh blueberries served with blueberry yogurt. Too early for Michigan blueberries, but these are sweet and USA grown.


Instead of hot tea, we shall drink ice tea in what is sometimes called a ‘boopie glasses’ (balls on the feet). It may look like an amber ale in the vintage glass tumbler, but it is ice tea. Really.


The dinnerware was purchased last year from Crate and Barrel. Previously over the years, I always used different patterns of Corelle. Time for change. Today, I dressed it up with all white dessert plates (open work edge) that were purchased from Pier One as is the berry bowl. A positive thing about all white is that it is easily accessorized even with other brands. Inexpensive paper lace doilies were added. In my humble opinion the doilies do add interest and are a quick and easy accessory.


As you approach my front door, you will be greeted by a red, white and blue flower bed. The classic combination of these colors displays nicely from the street.


For a few days, the patriotic them was forming in my mind. Then I walked into LaBelle’s Antiques and was further inspired by this display.


Happy to share with Antiques and Teacups, Bernideen’s, Martha’s Favorites and Rose Chintz Cottage.

May the American bloggers have a safe, happy holiday. Thank you to our friendly Canadian neighbors who have recently celebrated their independence. On July 14th, France will have their spectacular fireworks show on Bastille Day.  France is on my mind because I will be traveling there in September for the first time. I plan on sharing a tea outing and macraons.





12 thoughts on “Red, White & Blue

  1. Hi Jill! Your patriotic tea is so pretty on your red and white checkered cloth. I’m really loving your boopie iced tea glasses. Aren’t they sweet ? Happy 4th to you!


    • Hi Kitty, I have been in a red, white and blue all week. I have been picking up boopie glasses here and there. This size is usually $3 each. Hope you had a nice holiday. Jill


  2. Your table setting is lovely, Jill. I like white on white; especially with reticulated edges. The doilies add a lacy touch and I use those often myself. Love the bloopie glasses although I never seem to come across them here. I love their old-fashioned look. The red checked table cloth is perfect. Thanks for sharing and Happy 4th of July!



    • Hi Sandi, Thank you for sharing the proper name of the fancy edges on the dessert plates. I could not resist buying modern plates with reticulated edges. Boopie glasses are fun; I also have the juice size. Thanks for hosting and visiting. Jill


  3. Happy Independence Day, Jill! Your patriotic-themed tea is lovely. I agree that paper doilies are quick and easy ways to dress up a table setting.


    • Hi Margie, Another think that is nice about the paper doilies is that if something is spilled on them, it is not big deal. I try to find the ones that have a glossy and/or wax finish. Thank you for your visit. Jill


  4. Jill, It’s so exciting that you are headed to France! We will be awaiting more news on that and hopefully lots of photos upon your return! I love the glasses and your table, and I think I might have left the antiques shop with that old flag! I sent you an email with instructions for choosing your bean bag. Linda


    • It is very exciting to me that I have an opportunity to travel to France. I am attempting to learn a few basic French phrases. Those old flags with a pole are hard to come by. Wonder if it sold. Jill


  5. Hello Jill,
    Happy Independance Day, a day late….
    I hope you had a good day. I have seen those glasses before, but never knew the name of them.
    I am so thrilled for you that you are going to France! It is amazing and I know you will see and do all kinds of wonderful things : )


    • Hi Terri, I did have a nice 4th. Sometimes the glasses have another name which is candlewick. Supposedly, there is a difference and I hope to do a post regarding the difference soon. I am more than looking forward to visiting France. I will be with a small group of ladies. Thanks for visiting. Jill


    • Bernideen, I appreciate your compliment on my flower bed as it is the first year that it had this layout. Your new yard is pretty as is your previous garden in Colorado. >


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