Fresh as a Daisy

This week, I am featuring vintage china that by chance coordinates with my happy daisies which have bloomed right on cue the first week of summer.

The set of china was an antique store purchase. I needed it like I needed a hole in my head, but I could not resist.  There has been no remorse on bringing it home. The backstamp reads “N.S.P. China, made in Japan, Hand Painted.”


It reminds me of vintage Noritake. Most likely from the 1930s. Pattern name unknown. The porcelain is thin and dainty and appears to have never been used. I was drawn to the apple green color and the vintage style floral design. Love the scroll work connecting the flowers. The rims are delicately trimmed in gold.



The placemat is Madeira on white organza. Coincidentally, there are a few daisies in the pattern.  🙂

The green Fenton hobnail petite vase goes well with this china. Perfect for the few flowers that I dared to cut from my perennial.


The variety of this daisy plant is called ‘Banana Cream.” A clever and appropriate name as the petals a soft yellow. I was fortunate to come across this variety by chance at a big box store two years ago. It does well in my flower bed that receives the hot afternoon sun.


Sharing with Antiques and Teacups, Bernideens, and Rose Chintz Cottage.  Happy Dominion Day to our neighbors in Canada. May the American bloggers have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend!



12 thoughts on “Fresh as a Daisy

  1. I’m so glad that you had no remorse in bringing home that beautiful China, Jill. Those pieces deserved to come home with you. Your daisies in the pretty hobnail vase make for such a cheery centerpiece. Happy Tea Day!


    • Kitty, There are other vintage china sets that also came home with me. Glad you like the small vase with flowers. It would be perfect for a breakfast or luncheon tray. Have a happy 4th. Jill


  2. That is beautiful Jill! So bright and cheerful and perfect with your pretty daisies. Love the green hobnail vase as well! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!


  3. Jill, your china is so pretty and that teacup is adorable! I love the shape of it. I love your daisies too. The soft yellow is very sweet and your setting is lovely. The Fenton vase is gorgeous and your daisies look right at home in it. Thank you for sharing with us and when it comes to pretty china, one should never regret bringing it home. It brings us so much pleasure to use it. Have a wonderful July 4th weekend.



    • Sandi, I am delighted that you also like like my china and the simple shaped cup and saucer. It is thinner than the china made currently. The set of china was reasonably priced because it was from Japan. It is amazing and true that if one collects what one likes, it will go together. May you also enjoy your Independence Day. Jill >


  4. How lovely! I have trouble resisting pretty china too! I think this is the first time that I’ve seen yellow daisies. Very nice!!!


  5. Hi Margie, I am glad I am not the only one that can’t resist pretty china. Before blogging, I thought it was only my problem. Lol. The banana cream daisies are easy to grow. Jill


  6. Jill, Your pretty new china is delightful and the table setting with the banana cream daisies and fenton glass is just beautiful. I would love sitting there on a cool summer day! You are the winner of one of my bags on my blog giveaway so if you email me I can let you know how to choose your color and monogram! Have a wonderful day! Linda


    • It is a delightful surprise to awaken and learn that I am a lucky recipient of your generous giveaway, a LL Bean Boat and Tote. An extra bonus is that it happened on the most popular picnic day of the year, 4th of July!

      The early morning conversation at Tea&Etc was interesting as I say with glee, “I won a bean bag!” Mr T’s repeats, “a bean bag?” My response, “Yes, and I can have it monogramed.” He questions, “where are you going to put it and what will it say?” Silly Mr. T had visioned a bean bag chair. LOL, we are obviously from the Midwest. When I informed him that I won it from a nice lady who has a blog entitled ‘More Fun and Less Laundry’ he says, “Isn’t that what you have been doing lately?”

      At your convenience, you can email details at ‘julytwo at ’. If that does not work, please try the ‘contact me’ tab at my header. Thank you! Have a safe and happy holiday. >


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