Strawberry Potpourri

Your are welcome to join me on the patio for a summer breakfast which consists of sweet juicy, just-picked Michigan strawberries dipped in vanilla yogurt.


The potpourri items assist in my presentation of a Michigan strawberry.

  • Teacloth and/or placemat was purchased at an antique store.
  • Red cup and saucer were a garage sale find. Unmarked unfortunately.
  • Creamer and open sugar bowl (now a yogurt dish) are the discontinued red Avon dishes.
  • White filigree plate is from Pier One.
  • Lace doily ~ estate sale find.
  • White strawberry bowl is a white Royal Albert berry bowl.
  • Snapdragons are from my flower bed which is much too small to be considered a garden.
  • Plain old inexpensive milk glass vase dressed up with ribbon
  • Red and white antique quilt is considered a cutter quilt (due to issues) ~ an estate-sale find that I could not resist.

For those of you who notice that there is no flatware.  Why?  One picks up the berry by its’ cute little green stem and then dips it in the creamy Greek yogurt.  Yum!


Now I must confess to my kindred tea bloggers, I prefer coffee in the morning instead of tea. Gasp.

Michigan strawberries are special. One can only purchase them at roadside stands, farmers markets, or one can pick their own which is what we did recently.strawberrysign.jpg

How can one go wrong with this kind of signage?


As you can see, there will be more berries next week.


I have never seen Michigan strawberries in a supermarket or a large fruit market.  They are too delicate to hold up for shipping and/or storage. They are tender, sweet and juicy with very little hull. Usually, there is a two or three week window for this special treat.


And what am I going to do with all these fresh berries? My teen-age niece took the majority home to make jam with the help of her mom. My sister is taking some to work tomorrow to share with co-workers. After breakfast, I washed and hulled mine and placed in the fridge to be eaten within two days. Some will be frozen for winter strawberry smoothies. (It would not polite to say what I would do in February for a fresh-picked berry).


I wish you all could have a taste. Having fun with other kindred tea bloggers this week:

Kindest Regards,








19 thoughts on “Strawberry Potpourri

  1. What a cheery strawberry themed table, Jill. My late beloved and I used to take our kids strawberry picking when we lived in Ohio. I think the kids ate their fair share, while picking!! What sweet memories those are for me.


  2. Hi Kitty, Picking fruit for city folks is fun. Aren’t you glad you made fond and special memories with your kids. We ate our fair share today also. I’d guess that Ohio strawberries are almost done. Their produce is earlier than ours. Appreciate your visit! Jill


  3. Hi Martha, One does not normally consider putting red and yellow together (not me anyway), yet per this vintage linen the colors compliment one another. Kindest regards, Jill


  4. Hi Jill,
    I love strawberries and I can’t wait for the season here to start! I plan to make lots of jam because my family is all coming home for a family reunion and they never get homemade very often unless they’re home. It will be a treat to treat them. I like your cheery table. By the way, I’m a coffee drinker in the morning too. Tea for some reason doesn’t agree with me in the morning. Thanks for sharing your post with us and Happy Summer!



    • Hi Sandi, I am sure your strawberries will be extra delicious as you have to wait longer for them. A blessing to have a family reunion. Nothing compares to homemade strawberry jam. Do you suppose we need the caffeine in coffee vs tea first thing. Enjoy your family visit. Kindest regards, Jill >


  5. Well we obviously are on a similar track indeed! We are blessed each to have farms close y. Love your strawberry tablecloth! The red Cape Cod glass is wonderful! I have never been able to develop a taste for Greek yogurt, so I’ll have some regular please. thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!


    • Hi Ruth, I could not for the life of me think of the name of the red Avon glass when I was writing my post. Thank you for naming it. There is a lot of it in my area, so one can usually purchase it for bargain prices. I had to acquire a taste for any kind of yogurt. It is sweetened with sugar (no thigh fructose corn syrup) and that has been helpful. I hope to pick more berries next week and hopefully make one batch of jam. Thank you for hosting a lovely summer tea party. Jill >


  6. Dear Jill:
    What a darling posting. I had big plans to go pick strawberries but we are still doing the “moving in thing” wrapping up many loose details here. I loved your posting and the photos of the farm. Thanks for sharing and linking.


    • I understand totally, Bernideen, about the ‘moving in thing.’ Sometimes moving out is easier than moving in as one has to decide where to put items in the new house. Maybe you can buy fresh strawberries at a local stand.


  7. Jill, I would like to pluck that little strawberry right out of the computer screen! Your photo of it hanging there is perfect! It’s funny how different we are all with our morning caffeine intake–I can’t have coffee until after lunch or I will be a nervous wreck all day. I must have my tea–two cups–before I tackle anything for the day, even my morning walk! I eat a Chobani 100 everyday too–it’s my favorite yogurt. And I would love a strawberry smoothie in the depths of winter! Linda


    • Yes, Linda, it is funny on our morning drinking habits as long as it is caffeine….and not something else 😉 Good for you on taking morning walks, I go in and out of that healthy habit. It took me awhile to acquire a taste for yogurt. Chobani helped. Kindest regards, Jill


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