Tea Cup Planter

This is one of the largest teacups that I have ever seen not including the fun teacup ride at the Disney parks. This first photo looks like an ordinary cup and saucer sitting near some flowers.


View the photo below that shows its size with one of my regular English cups and saucers. Picture is taken in front of my wiegela bush.


This tea cup planter was a garage sale bargain a few weeks ago.  A lucky find at $3. The seller said it had been used outside last year. I have yet to plant anything in it as I am not comfortable adding dirt. Maybe I could set a pot of flowers inside. Any suggestions are kindly appreciated.


Yellow is my favorite color and I love the overall chintz pattern with pink flowers.  A cute planter like so many other new novelty ones that are ‘made in China.’ I think it is ceramic. Here is another photo of a regular cup compared to the planter’s ‘saucer.’


I am delighted to share the largest teacup in my collection with other tea bloggers this week in no particular order:


Rose Chintz Cottage

Martha’s Favorites

Antiques and Teacups

I appreciate Ruth at Antiques and Teacups mentioning that next week is the official national celebration of Queen Elizabeth II special 90th birthday.  I plan on sharing English china and that actually is not hard for me to do.



7 thoughts on “Tea Cup Planter

  1. God morning Jill,
    Those teacup planters are so cute! I have one with a rooster on it, filled with silk flowers. I really should take the faux out and plant something real in it. It would be pretty sitting on the deck. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration. Have a delightful day.



    • That is fun that you have a teacup planter also. I have never seen them before. It would be nice outdoors on a deck and it would be a change to have something real in it. Place it wherever you enjoy it the most. Kindest regards, Jill



    • When I spotted the large teacup in a driveway, it immediately drew me in. For 3 bucks, it was sold despite me saying to myself carrying it to the car, ‘what am I going to do with it, where am I going to put it, etc.’ What I was confident about was that I was not going to leave it as the yellow chintz wanted to come home with me. Kindest regards, Jill >


  2. I love your giant teacup! I have one, but it has the saucer attached, and it’s not nearly as pretty as yours. I have an angel wing begonia planter in it, which actually came back after the winter. I’ll have to include it in a post so that you can see it.


  3. Hi Kitty, Glad you like my teacup planter. I have yet to choose something to plant in it. Lucky you that your angel wing begonia came back. You may have an edge being in Texas over our cold Michigan winters. Look forward to seeing your cup planter. Jill


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