Tea on Memorial Weekend

The holiday weekend is upon us here in the States.  In Michigan it is not only a time to remember our Veterans, but also a time for planting flowers and vegetables. Sometimes we don’t plant, but buy a planter.  😉  Actually, this one was a gift.


To keeping with the theme of the red geraniums, I have added a vintage geranium themed tablecloth, my favorite tea kettle (actually my only one), and a mug from the ship, Queen Elizabeth 2. (A garage sale find which may be as close as I’ll get to that beautiful ship).

At the top of the above photo, you may note our red hummingbird feeder. The sweet tiny little birds have begun migrating through are area. We are delighted to have them stop in our yard for a quick sip on their way up north.

There is an unopened tea envelope which was received as a promotional item when a friend and I attended the showing of the first episode from the last season of Downton Abbey. It was sponsored by our local PBS station, but I digress from the geranium theme…


I do not know if the Downton tea is available retail?  Perhaps I should use it soon….

Please visit other tea-themed gardens this weekend hosted by  Bernideen’s, and Antiques and More Memorial Day weekend tea.




12 thoughts on “Tea on Memorial Weekend

    • Thank you, Bernideen, for sharing the DA tea link. I shall have mine tomorrow and if I like it I shall decide which tin purchase, Actually, I forgot about the geranium tablecloth until it was rediscovered at the back of a closet. I will be putting it on my kitchen table.


  1. What a pretty, geranium themed tea, Jill! Of course, I love your red tea kettle because red is my favorite color!! I have bought DA tea at World Market, but it was awhile ago. They had several flavored to choose from, and I chose Mrs. Patmore’s tea, which is a caramel flavored tea.
    I also checked your sewing blog and enjoyed seeing all the quilts. I grew up in Ohio and am going to visit my mom next month. I also lived in Michigan for a brief time before moving to Texas.


    • Hi Kitty, The tea kettle was a gift of which I gave a hint. It doesn’t go in my kitchen, but yet it does. Bernideen told me where I can buy DA tea online. Glad you enjoyed the quilts. Enjoy your time with your mom. Ohio roads are better than Michigan roads.


  2. Oh I love your geranium tablecloth! I have a few vintage ones but have never seen one like yours. Your red kettle and of course the flowers make it all perfect! Such a pretty tea time! Where in Michigan do you live! My home is in Marquette. Have a great weekend!


    • Hello Nancy, Nice to meet you over a cup of tea. This is the only geranium TC that I have ever seen also, which is why I could not resist. I live in a suburb of Detroit. Too bad you are a bit too far and that we are unable to share a real cup of tea. I have a cousin who lives in Sault St. Marie. Thanks for visiting and may you have a great holiday weekend! Jill


  3. Happy Long Weekend, Jill! Your red-themed tea is lovely. I’m also a fan of Downton Abbey, and would love to try the different teas by Republic of Tea. Alas, they’re not available around my neck of the woods and the shipping fees to Canada is way too pricey!


    • Hi Margie, Thanks for stopping by this holiday weekend. Gosh, one would think that you could find DA tea in Canada no matter what part. Totally understand about postal fees across the border. Crazy.


  4. I do love the bright pop of color! I have several varieties of the Downton teas from Republic of tea, and love their Christmas variety! I have been on theQueen Mary 2 several times on what used to be our annual month in England…although a chef from the Queen Elizabeth 2 had a restaurant where we used to live in Ashland , OR and it was wonderful. It is time to get the feeders out, isn’t it? Thanks for the reminder! Looks like a lovely Memorial Day. And thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!


    • How wonderful for you to have been on the QM2. Visiting England is on my list. My British friend goes for a month in the fall. Perhaps one day, I’ll get a photo of a hummer at the feeder. Thank you for hosting your Tuesday Cuppa Tea. Enjoy Memorial Day.


  5. Hi Jill, I love your geranium tablecloth! Geraniums always remind me of my Dad — he had very little interest in flowers but he always wanted geraniums in the yard. I would love to take a trip on the QE2! It’s definitely on my ‘to do’ list! Enjoy your Downton tea. I think the mug would be very appropriate to use for it! I also just put my hummingbird feeder out and am waiting for them to arrive. Last year we had a tiny nest! Your geraniums should help attract them too. I haven’t planted any yet, but I think I should! Thanks for the idea. Linda


    • Hi Linda, We share a coincidence. My father also liked geraniums ~ red, of course. I think going across ‘the pond’ on the QE2 would be the ultimate cruise. Be sure to take Miss Rosie. Our HB feeder was up about one week before they arrived. We don’t have as many as last year. Lucky you to have a nest and to have found it. Have a nice weekend. Jill


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