Teacup Tuesday

On Sunday as I was preparing for Teacup Tuesday sharing, I decided that I would venture outside for the photograph.  It is a bit too early here in Michigan for a real garden tea display. However, my boxwood hedge would make a nice background, and I salvaged a few of the almost-done rhododendron.


A short time later, snow started to fall from the sky which is visible on the grill cover. I have lived in Michigan all my life and have never seen snow mid-May.  My goodness that does make it a four-letter word this month.

snow1 snow2

The tea tray was whisked inside and placed on my antique coffee table .  snow5The little teapot is a Sadler. The gold-colored tea spoon was recently purchased at a garage sale.  Would you be surprised if I tell you that the cup is not a Royal Albert?  The back stamp reads “Elizabethan, fine bone china, Made in England.” I think it is the only cup in my collection by that maker.snow6

snow4I admit that I have enjoyed my tea vignette on the coffee table.  I may do this more often as many of you do with your lovely and welcoming tea settings.  To share a cup of tea with others this week, please visit, Antiques and More, Bernideen’s Tea Blog, Martha’s Favorite and Rose Chintz Cottage.

Also linking with Bernideen’s Tea in the Garden.



15 thoughts on “Teacup Tuesday

    • Hi Bernideen, The azaleas and/or rhodendron were planted by the previous owner. He chose a good spot. The small Sadler teapots are the sweetest. I hope to join you tomorrow and thanks for the invite. Jill


  1. We lived in Michigan for a bit, after moving from Ohio, and then onto Texas. I remember it being cold in May, but not snow! Your tea vignette is just so pretty, Jill. The teacup and teapot blend so well, and look so nice on your antique tray. Happy teatime!


  2. I love your Sadler teapot, Jill. The rosebuds are so sweet! Pretty teacup too. I remember the year my Daddy passed away we had a snow storm on Mother’s Day. I will never forget it because that unfortunately was the last time I saw my dear father alive. It has been very cold here on PEI and I do hope it warms up soon. We have such a short warm season here. Thank you for sharing your lovely tea time with us and have a beautiful day.



    • Hi Sandi, I love rosebuds on just about anything. It is odd how some life events happen around weather extremes. PEI is so on my bucket list to visit. It seems like summer would be the best time. Thank you for hosting your lovely tea parties. Kindest regards, Jill


  3. We got some flurries last weekend too! Your tea setting is lovely. Sadler is one of my favourite teapot makers and the Elizabethan teacup is pretty!


    • At least our snow did not stick and I hope yours did not either. Sadler is also one of my favorite teapot makers. Uh….I have several. Love the shape. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Jill


  4. Your tea cup goes perfectly with the Sadler. Love your antique table, it is stunning. Have a great week and thank you for sharing with us. Blessings, Martha


    • It is amazing how one can collect and buy things from different places and at months or years apart and then one day, they blend with one another. You also have a great week. Jill


    • Hi Jean, Thanks for visiting. The antique coffee table was purchased at an estate sale more than five years ago. I have not seen another one since. Most likely it was for serving tea as there is a separate glass tray (trimmed in matching wood) that fits over the table. Sometimes I have it on and sometines not. You have given me an idea. One day, I’ll photograph if with the top tray on with teacups of course. 🙂 Regards, Jill


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