Embellishments 2

Progress was made this week on the Dolly Dress-Up Quilt.  I managed to embellish two dresses. I think it is amazing the difference a bit of trim can do to an outfit. Similar to when we add accessories to our attire  ðŸ™‚

Difference in the backgrounds is due to different lighting from photos being taken under various lighting conditions. 


I would never consider combining yellow, red and blue, but I very much like the dress in the last photo. Credit for this color combination goes to Cheryl Winslow who embellished Holly Holderman’s panel for McCall’s Quilting Magazine.

Today I shall join other Slow Sunday Stitchers as I embellish the last dress with ric rac and buttons. While doing sew (pun) I shall be viewing on TV the gorgeous scenery from the Pebble Beach PGA golf tournament.


During the upcoming week, I may “tweak” a few embellishments on previous completed dresses. Click here to visit Kathy’s fun and informative blog to see this week’s hand needlework projects.

May you have time to stitch to you heart’s content this Valentine’s Day.

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17 thoughts on “Embellishments 2

    • I have always liked ricrac. Fray check has been my best friend as it is needed on the cut ends of ricrac even though I have turned every edge under. I won’t miss doing that part.


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