It is a pleasure to share my recent in-the-works sewing project with two fun quilting blogs, Kathy’s Quilts and Red Letter Quilts.

Kathy at Slow Sunday Stitching did an inspiring post at the end of last year about starting a new project in the new year. I went to my stash and choose to make a dolly dress quilt which was designed several years ago by Holly Holderman. The dresses are printed on fabric panels.

Above photo are two printed panels sewn together which make for a quilt top with 12 different dresses.  It is in the early stages of hand embellishing.

The first dress was a challenge as not only did I have to hand stitch the small dress placket, but add narrow rick rack underneath.  It has been a challenge and a learning curve doing applique with small pieces. Shopping for the embellishments and choosing which ones to add on which dress has been fun.

Since I started my Dolly Dress Up in the beginning of the year, I have completed nine dresses and started embellishing the last row this weekend.

Directions for the quilt are in a back issue of McCall’s Quilting March/April 2010.

Another quilting blog and new-to me is Red Letter Quilts Blogspot. Each month Heidi hosts One Monthly Goal (OMG) which motivates quilters to attain a goal-related goal by the end of the month. Check it out here as there are some wonderful projects going on this month. My February goal is to finish the top.

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19 thoughts on “Embellishments

  1. Your Dolly Dress Up quilt is adorable. I look forward to seeing all of your great embellishments. My mom made a Sunbonnet Sue many years ago and had fun with the embellishments. She has an Overall Sam too, but can’t figure out the embellishments for a boy. Maybe I will get some ideas for her even though those are dresses.


  2. These dresses are darling! Your embellishments take it from cute to absolutely adorable & I look forward to seeing the next three. Thank you for linking up Jill!


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