Fun Tradition


A fun family event that I host annually is a gingerbread house-making party. Kids big and small enjoy it. Our houses are not necessarily picture-perfect pretty such as the image above, but the kids have loads of fun creating their own versions.ski4.jpgIt all began by accident years ago when I babysat my nephew’s preschoolers on a December evening.  I was wondering how I was going to entertain them.  While shopping for other items, I came across a gingerbread house kit. Yes, the answer to kiddie entertainment and thus began the start of an annual tradition which has gone into their teen years ~ a good thing.ski5.jpg

Not only do we use kits, but have advanced to making our own houses out of graham crackers, gingerbread dough and pretzel rods.ski6.jpgBelow is a photo of when each kid did their own thing and voila!  A ski village was made complete with ski hill.ski11.jpgEach year, they get better and neater.ski10.jpg As the kids got older, they were not ‘decorating’ but ‘building’ houses and/or log homes. Royal icing (for cement) was made and we began to use glue guns.

How do I prepare you may ask. Well, I purchase different kits and they each can choose.  Sometimes the older kids use pretzel rods, graham crackers, baked cookie dough.  All supplies are lined up on an extra table.  The kitchen table is covered with a dollar vinyl tablecloth or drop cloth. At the end of the evening, I roll it up and toss the mess. IMG_0129_2.jpgAnd it does get messy. It wouldn’t be fun otherwise. Tip: If the pieces don’t fit or break, just add more icing as glue. It stops the tears should their be an unforeseen issue.messbig.jpgNote to self: put a tablecloth on the floor.

Extra decorating “candies” are on hand as they add variety and interest. For example, coconut makes great snow; frosted mini-wheats are used for roof tops; necco wafers and chiclets turn into patio blocks, etc. I live near a cake-decorating supply store and at times can buy inexpensive plastic cake decorations (skiiers, trees, santas and reindeers).  A bulk-food store is another great resource as you can buy small quantities of various candy. One year, they had malted balls that looked like boulders.

Extra empty boxes are on hand which makes for safe easy transportation to their home(s) at the end of the evening.  Where their parents put the houses when the kids get home is not my problem 😉collageski2.jpgShould you try gingerbread house making, may you have as much fun as we do!

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