Halloween Lunch with Tea

A week ago, I hosted a small Halloween Lunch Party for girls ranging in ages 6 to 60. Tea from an English Brown Betty teapot was served with dessert. A brown teapot did not match my orange and black theme, but for Halloween everything is fun and nothing has to match, right?


In preparation for the Halloween Lunch, I set a themed table complete with a spider web tablecloth.


The white stuff in the center are popcorn hands.  Below is a close-up.  I filled food handler gloves (large size) with white popcorn, tied with a ribbon and added a plastic spider ring that was purchased at a cake decorating supply store.


As this was my first-ever Halloween party, I did a little extra decorating. I made the “witch is falling through the roof” from an umbrella.  It was fun to make and was an attention-getter hanging from my living room ceiling.



As the younger guests arrived, there was a card table set up and ready with a festive coloring page. The girls loved having something to do while the mature girls chatted. Soon, everyone was coloring. I am delighted to share the link from The Pinning Mama‘s blog where I found the coloring page.


White and orange mini-pumpkins were out and ready to be decorated with adhesive-backed rhinestone studs.  One simple game was played.  Guess how many spider rings are in the jar?


It worked out well that I had party two weeks prior to October 31st. Everyone gets extra busy close to Halloween.

Having a last October cup of tea with Bernideen’s Tea Time, Rose Chintz Cottage and Antiques and Tea Cups.  



16 thoughts on “Halloween Lunch with Tea

  1. Jill:
    Your teapot is wonderful and I wondered if it was a Sadler. I am so happy for you getting the sewing machine out of the basement and in front of a window! Isn’t that wonderful! You have done a great job getting ready for your party! So glad you shared!


    • You are correct, Bernideen. Brown Betty is embossed (faintly) the Sadler mark. I love their shapes. Now I know why I was drawn to it although it is not my preferred color. By moving the sewing machine near natural light, I sacrificed a larger sewing area to a much smaller space. After a few months of not sewing, I decided the reason was that I subconsciously did not want to go down to my basement. Many enjoy sewing in their basements and have made into a lovely space. Keep us posted. Thanks for hosting tea parties. It motivates me to share. Jill >


  2. Your tea party looks like such fun, Jill! I love the witch coming from the ceiling…too cute! I’m sure all your guests had such a great time at your tea party.
    I also looked at your pumpkin…it is soooo pretty.
    I lived in Michigan for awhile, before my late beloved hubby was transferred to Texas, 29 years ago.


    • The party was fun and worth the effort especially for the younger girls. I wanted to have the pumpkin completed by the party, but I got sidetracked. Lol. As our cold Michigan weather is soon approaching, Texas sounds pretty good. Thanks, Kitty, for taking the time to visit and comment. >


  3. Hello Jill,
    I love your Brown Betty! I don’t have one but I am keeping my eye out for one. I love your wee pumpkins too; so cute. Looks like you had fun getting this ready for your guests. Thank you for sharing and joining me for tea.

    Autumn blessings,


    • Brown Betty(s) are not all that common now that I think about it. The older ones from England are the best per an English friend. I did enjoy the lunch preparations. Thanks.


    • The brown betty does seem to keep the tea hotter longer. Very clever term, ‘hauntingly good.’ I may borrow it. In fact I will. May you have a Hauntingly Good Halloween!


  4. Your guests sure enjoyed a special tea with you; what a lot of fun touches and thought went into this. I especially liked how you blinged up the pumpkins! Everything looks better with a little sparkle!
    I see you live in Michigan, too. Hasn’t our weather been great? Bittersweet, though, because we know what’s coming!


  5. What a delightful party. Your creative Halloween decor made me smile!
    P.S. I totally agree with the quote that you included in your comment on my blog!


    • I had planned to have more decorations, but ran out of time. It is surprising how the stores quickly clear out Halloween-themed items to make room for Christmas. Some items, I was able to buy on clearance and some I made. Thanks for visiting.


  6. Thanks, Deb. It was fun and my guests appreciated the decorations. My dilemma is now how to store the witch’s umbrella legs. The umbrella doesn’t close up because of the tulle inside. Lol.


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