Crazy Pumpkin Progress

Slowly making progress on my crazy quilt pumpkin and will speed up my slow stitching today as I join others at Kathy’s Quilts on Slow Stitching Sunday.

IMG_2989 (1)

The majority of the stem stitch is done on the pumpkin stem.  Really, how could I do any other stitch 🙂  Some more chalk lines drawn and scallops for when I attach to the orange wool.  I am adding more lazy daisy stitches to dress up a rather plain right seam and to balance it out with the left side.  That is what makes crazy quilting fun.  If it doesn’t look right, add something different.


Hope to have it finished by Halloween depending on my week.  If not, it can always be a Thanksgiving (in the States) pumpkin….

Which reminds me as November is quickly approaching….we have enjoyed a relatively mild Autumn in Michigan.  Some hardy annuals are still feeding the bumble bees.  Hope they don’t mind me bringing some indoors.



12 thoughts on “Crazy Pumpkin Progress

    • Looking online at various stitches has helped a great deal. We had a frost this past week, however, it might not have been a hard frost. These flowers are planted close to house so maybe they were protected.


  1. Oh What Fun!
    Everything looks so perfect for your friends aged 6 to 60! I would fit perfectly in the latter age group – turning 60 3 months. Lol. I just heard an interesting story about the Brown Betty teapot. At the Vancouver Flea Market a seller had a collection of Brown Betties. He had heard that the queen had wanted her 4:00 tea and the maid whose name was Elizabeth (Betty) had brought her in an elegant English teapot. The queen said to her maid, “No,…Bring tea in the Brown one Betty!” That is apparently how the Brown Betty got it’s name. Apparently Brown Betties make the best tea ever! Happy Tea Day! Karen


    • Turning 60 is not so bad. Just think of it as being 18 with 42 years of experience. Lol. Appreciate the info about Brown Betties as I had not heard that story. A friend told me it is something about the clay that is used to make the teapot. I hope to do a post in the future about it. Thanks for visiting.


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