Tim & Kaffe Excuses

Embroidery is still slow on the wool pumpkin.  A long seam and a short seam was completed.  I am choosing my stitches as I go and that does slow my progress. However, this week I have the best-ever excuse for not doing much handwork as two of my favorite male quilters were in southeast Michigan speaking at separate engagements.

Last Thursday Tim Latimer was the featured speaker at my local quilt guild. He gave a slide show of his quilts and then the quilts were on display.  They are beautiful in person and come to life with his hand quilting. And, I got to meet Teddy.



Today (Sunday), Kaffe Fassett gave a color lecture in Ann Arbor.  There was a slide show of his inspiration of colors and patterns.  Of course, his fabric and books were available for purchase.  Uh….I left some money behind today. And, I got to meet Brandon.


Both separate lectures were excellent and I left each one inspired. Fortunately, my schedule allowed me to take advantage of the lucky coincidence that both men visited my corner of the world in the same week. I wish all of Kathy’s Quilts Slow Sunday Stitchers the same opportunity and also wish our Canada friends a Happy Thanksgiving.


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