Teacup Tuesday

As this is the last official Tuesday for Summer 2015, I would like to share a sunshine yellow cup and saucer that was a recent find at an estate sale.

Paragon Yellow Cup Flower Handle

Personally, I think it is a wonderful treasure as it not only has a flower handle, but an added bonus is the dessert plate which makes it a trio.


An older cup made by Paragon with an earlier backstamp that is circa 1933-1936.  In fine letters, it is marked “by appointment.” According to Pristine Antiques, the royal warrants were granted to Paragon in 1933. Earlier hallmarks, without the official queen’s appointment, is a star as best that I can reference. I shall be on the lookout for one of those.


I love the fluted-shaped cup, saucer and dessert plate with the scalloped edges.  Note the thin and delicate porcelain that is carefully trimmed in gold.


I am happy to be back sharing my teacups with Martha’s Favorites, the Rose Chintz Cottage, and Bernideen’s Tea Time Blog.


20 thoughts on “Teacup Tuesday

  1. Hello Jill,
    You have a real treasure in the Paragon trio! What a delightful set with its flower handle on the cup. You did well to find it and so happy you have shared it with us. Happy Autumn!



  2. So beautiful! The Paragon treasure is a wonderful find at the estate sale. The precious flower pattern is lovely for this tea time. Have a grand week! Please pop over to my post Orange Bursts Upon Autumn Tea!



  3. Your beautiful teacup immediately caught my eye on Sandi’s linky party. Such an amazing Paragon! The beautiful floral handle is the icing on the cake. What an extraordinary find. After Shelley, Paragons are my favorite. Enjoy this work of art.
    Nora @ Teacup Tales


      • Hi Jill just looking at your tea cup set if interested I have 33 pieces 5 yellow flowered handled tea cups 2pink flowered handled tea cups 8 saucers 8 dessert plates and 8 side plates and sugar with creamer thinking of selling set very good condition hard to find this many all together still trying to figure out value it looks the exactly the same as your set open to offers if the price is right did some research and it looks like there worth a good buck let me now if interested or anybody you now thanks guy been in the family for quite some time


      • I am satisfied with what I have and at this time I would not be able to offer the true value of your set. Perhaps you can find a collector in your area or sell your set online.


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