A Bridal Tea Cup

The month of June is a perfect time to share a pretty pink vintage bridal teacup.


Note the delicate border of wedding bells entwined with ribbon.


A small bouquet of flowers with a good luck horseshoe makes the motif. The cup includes a small inscription, “To the Bride.”


Perhaps a few teacup collectors will recognize the popular wide cup shape made by Paragon.  The width nicely shows off the the center design and looks pretty at a place setting.


Pink and gray are such a pretty color combination.  Can you see the difference in the shades of pink on the saucer and cup.  I wonder how that happened.  Does china fade or is it a maker’s flaw?  I can’t be fussy as it was a $10 bargain at a church antique sale.pink3According to the double black mark, it dates ca. 1939-1949.pinkmark

I have another Paragon bridal cup which I will share at a later date.pink2

I have been absent several months and was unable to post although I enjoyed peaking at other blogs and leaving a comment or two.   During this time, I updated my blog and transferred to the WordPress platform of which I am liking so far.

It is wonderful to share a cup of tea this week with:

Martha’s Favorites


Antiques and Tea Cups



8 thoughts on “A Bridal Tea Cup

  1. Jill, I LOVE your teacup!! I carried lily of the valley in my bouquet (35 years ago!) and I always think it is perfect for brides. I will be interested to see what others think of the color variations. Perhaps they are from different lots? Last summer I switched to wordpress also and I do like it, although there is always something new to learn. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your next bridal cup. Linda


    • Bridal bouquets are so special. It never occurred to me that the cup and saucer could be from different lots. You may be right. I am finding WP to be less cluttery. I like their support. Thanks for visiting, Linda.


  2. Hi There,
    I absolutely adore your pale pink bridal teacup! It is so elegant and dainty. I wanted to let you know that my daughter and I cheated. I must be honest. It was a new cake mix that I bought at Safeway in the United States. I have never seen it available in Canada. My daughter blended the icing with red and yellow food colouring to get just the perfect match. It’s so nice to meet you! Happy Tea Day! Have a wonderful week! Karen


    • Too funny about the cake recipe. I don’t have a Safeway in my area, but my local store should have something similar. I once took a cake decorating class and was taught that certain cake mixes were better than the scratch recipes. Your daughter is very good blending colors. I am delighted you visited.


  3. Hi Jill! Thanks for stopping by my blog! It’s good to read your posts again :). That is a lovely cup and saucer, and how strange that they are two different colors of pink! I bet they do fade if left out, but amazing that it is just the saucer. I like your new blog design too :). Have a great week!


    • A previous comment wondered if cup and saucer were from different lots. Initially, I thought saucer faded over time while possibly being on display. Glad you like my new blog design. I am trying to catch up on your France posts. Paris is on my bucket list along with tea in England. Thanks for revisiting!


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