An Autumn Tea Luncheon

This week I hosted an Autumn Tea Luncheon.  I would like to share with other kindred tea bloggers who have inspired me.  Four courses were served: soup, salad, quiche, scones and sweets.

The china was a potpourri which included my fancier cups.

Some of the preparations included hemming the tablecloth (long overdue), making strawberry jam for scones, making gluten-free scones for a special diet, and preparing chicken rice soup. You may note that I did some cheating flavor enhancing on the soup.  The veggies and chicken breasts (with bones) were simmered in boxed broth.

Four friends attended. We share a common interest as all guests are affiliated with a local antique shop, LaBelle Antiques. It makes for a good party. A guest brought their vintage hat collection.  Each lady chose their favorite.  Hats were worn for the first half and then as everyone became more comfortable, the hats were removed. 😉  Is that how our mothers and grandmothers felt about wearing hats?

Unfortunately, I was so busy talking and serving the food, I forgot to take photos of the courses. Luckily, a friend took a photo of the favorite part, dessert!  Another guest is English, and she brought homemade lemon curd for our scones.  It is in the small round dish near the scones.  Two kinds of scones were served.  Gluten-free blueberry and a basic plain scone which I think is a good base for the flavors and textures of devon cream, strawberry jam and lemon curd.
Two delicious and easy recipes I found on the Food Network’s website.  This is not a paid endorsement – only a desire to share. Everyone wanted the salad recipe for Thanksgiving.
The Fall Salad is by Tyler Florence.  My only suggestion is to possibly double the dressing.  My blend of greens were different than the recipe; however, I did not use iceberg.
The basic Scone recipe is per Alton Brown’s.  Scones are much easier than I thought.  I followed his recipe exactly.  I will make them again.
Below is a photo of the centerpiece after the luncheon.  I wish I had put this together back in October so I could have enjoyed longer.  It was inexpensive as the velvet pumpkins and leaves were purchased at Michael’s on clearance after Halloween.  Gourds and ‘lil pumpkins were 50 cents each from the local farmer’s market earlier in the fall.  The sprigs of gold glittery balls are from the dollar store and were used to jazz up some silk flowers that I already had.
My original plan was to make the popular velvet pumpkins with real stems, but I never found nor made the time.  These styrofoam ones sufficed nicely when added with little accessories.

All preparations took time.  I estimate three days which include getting the china ready, planning and shopping for the menu, cooking and other details that add up.  Click here for start of preparations.  Then again, everything I set out to do takes me longer than everyone else.  Lol.

The Autumn Tea was also a good excuse to show off display some of my vintage quilt collection that was draped over an open stairway bannister.  Normally, they are stored away from direct light and dust.

On future Teacup Tuesdays, I hope to share some of the cups that were used.
Thank you for coming to my tea party!
Much of my inspiration comes from the following hostesses
 and also their followers.
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17 thoughts on “An Autumn Tea Luncheon

  1. Hi JillThe table looks welcoming and the menu delicious. I make scones so often I looked for a recipe without an egg so I'm likely making something closer to a biscuit, and my recipe uses buttermilk.It would have been fun to see a photo of everyone with their hats on.The quilt collection is colourful with varied patterns.


  2. Hi Jill…what a wonderfully welcome table! Beautiful. Love your fall gourd decorations and your menu is wonderful! Wish I'd been there! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!Ruth


  3. Oooh, thank you for sharing. Thank you also for sharing how tea parties do not appear by magic. When you make the effort to have one you are really showing how much you care about someone.


  4. Hi Jill, Your table looks lovely and it would have been fun to see your friends wearing their hats. I love a hat but unfortunately they are not in style around here. Most women think they don't look good in a hat but there is a style for everyone. Your treats look wonderful. Those lovely chocolate dipped berries and home made lemon curd; yum! I'm sure you all had a marvelous time. Thanks for sharing and joining me for tea.Blessings,Sandi


  5. Goodness Jill.. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tea party and the preparation story… I can't imagine that it only took you three days ..What a lot of fabulous planning..The dipped strawberries look yummy … What a delightful idea for teatime fun… and your little pumpkins set the tone for the lovely tables cape that you have created… I just know that alls the ladies had FUN…. BRAVO !!!!


  6. Your table is so gorgeous! I would love to be seated at your table for tea! Your menu really intriqued me for the gluten free flour used in scones. Your china is extrodinary with the lovely pattern. Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments. I have been missing for awhile for my 12 year old collie became dathly ill a few days after we brought home a new collie puppy. With the help of our vet we have nursed her back to normal. Now I will be able to comment and try to train the puppy so think positive thoughts for us!Pam


  7. Hi Jill First of all I want to tell you that I love your previously posted teacup and November figurine! Such a collectible. Your Autumn luncheon today looks delightful! The food and china look so elegant and your centre piece is the perfect Fall finishing touch. I would have loved to have been there for lunch. The treats look so delish! Thank you for visiting me! Karen


  8. Hi Jill,Thanks for sharing your beautiful tea. Everything looks wonderful.What is the white dip on your strawberries?I especially love your tablecloth. I've never met a tablecloth I didn't love. lolCarmen


  9. What a gorgeous tea! Such attention to detail; your friends must have loved your lovely setting and delicious goodies. The quilts are beautiful; I especially like the appliquéd one.Thank you for your visit; I see we both live in Michigan.


  10. Ooh, what a pretty tea luncheon! Your friends must have loved seeing all the details that went into the tea. The addition of vintage hats must have been so fun! Your quilts are really pretty. Oh, I also liked the mixture of cups with the china,so pretty.


  11. I would love to be part of such a luncheon ! Everything looks so pretty and the food sounds delicious.I agree with the ladies, I would have taken my hat off too , but do enjoy seeing pretty hats on ladies.


  12. LOVELY .. It sure does put me in the mood for a Christmas tea.. and I love the hat idea..You and the ladies put together a teatime memory that sure to become tradition…Hugs


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