Tea with Victoria

Today on the last Tuesday of October,

I had tea with an older copy of a favorite magazine, Victoria.

I chose a teacup which has richer colors to match the season.
It also displays a center pink rose in participation with
Rose Chintz Cottage support for breast cancer awareness month.
The trim is navy with gold gilding; made by Paragon.

  I have two stacks of back issues that are hard to part. 
I actually moved them from one house to another.
This issue is from October 1991. 
Dusty pink flowers on the cover.
While glancing through the pages, I came across this photo of
attractively displayed matching cups and saucers.
Victoria is over-the-top for seasonal photography.

This posting is not as timely as I prefer,
but I look forward to later joining


4 thoughts on “Tea with Victoria

  1. Hi Jill,What a beautiful teacup! The navy and gold embellishment with a rose in the center of the cup and saucer is simply elegant. I have a stack of Victoria too however mine only go back as far as 2001. Lots of eye candy regardless and I always look forward to a new issue. Thank you for joining me for my Pink Tea in honour of breast cancer awareness. Wishing you a lovely day.Blessings,Sandi


  2. Hi Jill! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment–I was afraid people were getting tired of my posts, especially since I got so behind schedule! Your teacup is gorgeous! All that gold-wow! Is the rim around it a dark blue too? I really like Victoria too–although I definitely don't go that far back! I had a subscription a couple of years ago (I think I got a deal because of Tea Time) but I recently started it back up again and I've really been enjoying it. I can't wait to see your fall tea party once you post it!


  3. Hi Jill…I have moved 3 times with an ever growing pile of Victorias! It's a point of bewilderment for my husband. But we know why, don't we?! Love the teacup. Beautiful! Would love to have you link at Tuesday Cuppa Tea…open until Sunday.Ruth


  4. Hi Jill,I love Victoria magazines too and don't have many of them but have a stack of Romantic Homes Magazines. Your teacup is so rich and elegant. It is absolutely beautiful! Happy Tea Day! Karen


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