Eggshell Thin

Continuing on with last week’s post in regards to Japan porcelain, I think I have an early cup and saucer made in Japan.  I do not know for sure as it is unmarked.  What do you think?

My humble opinion is based on my limited knowledge of porcelain.  On the exterior of cup is a lusterware finish which is common to Japanese makers as is the gold trim and its finish.
Both the outer edges of cup and saucer are eggshell thin.  So delicate. I wish you all could touch it.

I love the scalloped edges.  The color of the porcelain is not as white as English china.  Regardless of the mysterious maker of this cup, I appreciate the fine detail and the cameo roses which are surrounded by handpainted gold dots.  

I am sharing this week with Martha’s Favorites, Bernideen’s Tea Time blog, Antiques and TeaCups, and Rose Chintz Cottage.  Won’t you join us.
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10 thoughts on “Eggshell Thin

  1. OMG Jill… Your cup is gorgeous … I find most Japanese porcelain equally as beautiful as English Fine Bone China especially since it all began in orient …I have many pieces of lustreware in my collection some are more beautiful than others..but like your fabulous set…It is always a true treasure to behold. Thank You for sharing…Hugs


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