Pink & Feminine

At the end of summer, I would like to share a recently acquired antique pink and ever-so feminine teapot which was purchased at an out-of-town antique store.  How could I resist these wispy pink roses on fine white porcelain trimmed with fine lines of gold.

The bottom is unmarked, but I have a feeling that it is mostly likely German and possibly unmarked R.S. Prussia?  Such nice detail for a little teapot (it only holds two cups). The handle is elegant.  Graceful curved flutes.  A thin-stemmed finial.  Possibly this dainty little pot is a second.  Note a blemish in the pink paint (top photo).  Could that be why it is unmarked?

Regardless, I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. It was carefully examined and felt for possible nicks and/or rough edges. Gratefully, there were none.  Obviously, this teapot has been well cared for many years.  Two hundred miles later, I was delighted to add it to my collection.

I am revising this post in regards to this purchase. Myself, as a teacup collector, expected it to be too expensive for my wallet.  Therefore,  I looked at the price tag with reluctance, but to my delight, the tag read only $24.99.  Sold!  

Please have a cup of tea with others this Tuesday.

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9 thoughts on “Pink & Feminine

  1. OMGoodness, what an exquisite tea pot! Back in the day they did not have “seconds”. Many companies simply did mark their items. It is amazing that it is in such lovely condition. Lucky you!


  2. I love the shape of the teapot. It was probably indeed made in Austria or Germany, and the lack of a mark…along with the style of decoration…usually indicates it was made just prior to 1900. A beauty! Not an RS Prussia as they always marked their china…and nowadays you can't go exclusively by china marked RS Prussia because it is the single most faked china company mark out there! I would have brought it home too! So pretty! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!Ruth


  3. That is a darling teapot with all the delicate lines. Martha above seems to have a lot of information for you which is so helpful. She is very knowledgeable. So glad you shared at Tea In The Garden (soon to go to Friends Sharing Tea in fall).


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