Polka Dot Tea

While ‘out & about’ this past week, I found this too-cute vintage cup and saucer at an antique store.  From across the room I thought this to be a modern cup. Upon closer inspection, it was a pleasant surprise to see that it was an older Royal Albert!

How do I know this you might ask? The size, shape and style of the cup.  Also, the porcelain is the thinner, finer bone china.  Confirmation of it being an older pattern was evident when I turned it over and saw the older black back stamp (pictured at end of post).

It was a double pleasant surprise to learn the true age of the cup and pattern.  According to Royal Albert Patterns, the words “Crown China” was replaced by “Bone China” in 1935.  Thus, this cup with a bit of whimsy is at least 79 years old.  A real treasure!

I am sure it is a pure coincidence that this cup was found within a month of purchasing a variety of polka dot fabrics for a future quilt project.

Although I have collected many years, I did not know that Royal Albert manufactured polka dots. It is fun to continue to learn. The cup was reasonably priced and it is a delight to add it to my collection.

Today, I am sharing my find others at:
The words ‘Crown China’ was replaced by ‘Bone China’ in 1935.

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8 thoughts on “Polka Dot Tea

  1. Oh Jill,I didn't know that Royal Albert made polka dot teacups either. I just love it! So adorable and it really looks quite contemporary even though it is vintage. Wow! Thank you for visiting me. Treasure hunting is such fun and you found a beauty! Happy Tea Day! Karen


  2. Usually, thinner porcelain makes for an older cup and saucer. Also, makers' marks have a more old-fashion look. I am still amazed that Royal Albert such a contemporary pattern from that time period. Thanks for visiting. Jil


  3. What a lovely fine. So glad that beautiful cup was 'rescued' by someone with the knowledge to appreciate the find. Very informative post – always appreciate learning something new about china. Have a blessed week.


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