A Knitted Finish

The knitted golf club covers are completed.

They have been washed in hot water for felting purposes.  I then put them in the dryer.  Perhaps, I shouldn’t have as the ends of the eyelash yarn have a bit more mashed look.  Not as light and fluffy before laundering.

It’s okay as they are just golf club covers and it doesn’t matter.  Overall, they still look good, they match my bag, and they are finished!

Now it is obvious why I choose brightly colored yarn.  I have been told that with this bag, I can be spotted several fairways away, which I means I must be on my best behavior 😉

As mentioned on previous posts, this was a free pattern from Chris Knits in Niagara.

A note to non-golfers:  the numbered black flat covers are commercially made and are for the clubs called “irons.”  Thanks to my dear blogger friends who encouraged me to finish knitting the covers.

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3 thoughts on “A Knitted Finish

  1. oh Jill! Congrats… And they look wonderful in your golf bag too! Now to get you a bright green and black trolley to stow them on! lol Really is great work you did there.. I wish I could do more than quilt but it is my passion… and I have soo enjoyed charting your progress on these! Kathi


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