Lavender & Lace

After admiring many tea cups from other collectors, especially on Tuesdays, I have decided to also enjoy a cup of tea and bring along some of my cups and saucers.

This week’s theme is Lavender & Lace.  My lavender plants are, thankfully, having a second blooming.  The freshly-cut lavender is being paired with my lavender-colored lace-themed cup and saucer.  Many may recognize the Royal Albert shape.  This cup is part of a series entitled “True Love.”  It is photographed on a fine Italian lace placemat.

The True Love Lace Series comes in other colors.  Part of my collection includes the pink, light blue and brown.

Today I am having Tuesday tea with Martha’s Favorites and Tea in the Garden at Bernideen’s.
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10 thoughts on “Lavender & Lace

  1. Hi Jill,I absolutely love that Royal Albert True Lace Pattern. I have never seen such a pretty collection. The brown one is so unusual but lovely. My favourite is the pale pink. Your mauve one looks gorgeous on the lacy tablecloth. You are fortunate that your lavender is still in bloom. Mine has finished and I do miss it's fragrance. Have a wonderful week! Karen


  2. What a lovely collection you have here. I really haven't seen these patterns and am convinced there must be 100's of Royal Albert designs. I am so pleased you joined in for Tea In The Garden!


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