Elsa Costume

There is at least one sewing goal that I would like to accomplish during the month of September.  That would be making an Elsa dress as a Halloween costume.  Elsa is a Disney princess/character from the popular Frozen movie.

Normally, I am not this organized to start a project early.  However, the licensed Frozen products sell out quickly.  When I saw this pattern at my local Joann’s; I purchased it along with some pretty blue fabric.

My motivation is also putting this goal in writing as part of Design Originals by KC  monthly’s Laundry List Link Party kindly hosted by Kathi.   Other items on my list are:

I don’t know if others prioritize their lists, but Elsa shall take precedence this month.  Wish me luck on sewing with such fancy material!


7 thoughts on “Elsa Costume

  1. oh Jill I love your fabric for that dress… surely won't be like sewing cotton but will be beautiful when made… you have pattern and your fabrics so seems you are great to go.. Thanks for linking up… and keep up the work in between on those uber cute golf club covers… I love them 🙂 Happy stitching! Thanks for linking with me 🙂 Kathi


  2. Definitely wish you luck! I sewed part of my granddaughter's costume last fall (just a simple hooded cape) and quickly realized that garment sewing is no longer my cup of tea. If I'm asked my a grand to make a costume this fall, I won't be able to say no, but I certainly won't be volunteering! ha!


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