Slow Knitting

Today I am doing some hand stitching (knit stitches) with others at Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching.  I have completed last week’s club cover (5-wood) and hope to knit some rows on the driver.  I am reversing the colorway.  It will have a green sock (bottom ribbed section) and the top (hood) will be knitted with fuzzy black yarn.

It should have been completed by now, but this week’s excuse (a good one) is taking an overnight trip to attend the AQS Quilt Show in Grand Rapids.  It was a very nice quilt show and worth my trip.  A wide range of wonderful quilts nicely hung and displayed.  
It is always so hard to vote for a favorite, but this quilt received my ballot.
This is the fabric that I purchased.  A dot quilt is on my list to do.
The best part of attending the show was finally meeting in person a dear blog friend, Teresa from Fabric Therapy!  Such a delight.  This is her “Baltimore Rhapsody” which is all hand appliqued and quilted.  Did I mention that she designed the blocks and the patterns are for sale.
I had another pleasant and serendipity meeting.  I meet two very nice, friendly ladies that are in the same guild as our Slow Sunday Stitching hostess, Quilter Kathy of Kathy’s Quilts!  Jackie and Susan traveled from Ontario to attend this quilt show.  
My cousin and I (pure chance) sat near them at lunch which was in a huge convention hall with LOTS of quilters taking a break.  The next day we met again at the show and chatted some more.  Now I have remorse as, I did not take their photo.  They spoke highly of Kathy and all that she accomplishes!  It was a pleasure meeting them and hearing that Kathy is as nice in person and talented as she is on her blog.


10 thoughts on “Slow Knitting

  1. Oh my goodness…. you made my day! Those are two of my favorite people, and I'm so excited that you met them! Such a small quilty world! I will have to give them grief for not taking me with them!!And you got to meet Teresa too… how fun!Love your haul from the show!


  2. I am LOVING your knitting! And I am so glad you got to see Teresa and learn more about Kathy at the show… it is such a small world for us quilters for sure! Love all the quilts you shared… and understand why that appliqued wonder is your fave. Happy new fabric too! Kathi


  3. How awesome to be able to meet up with some bloggy friends (or friends of a bloggy friend). 😉 And how wonderful that you got to go to Grand Rapids … I'm still debating leaving a day early for Hilton Head next month, so we can make a stop in Chattanooga. DH is willing to make the stop (we normally don't go that route because we prefer to avoid Atlanta). Love all that dotty fabric!!


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