Fun Fur & Fuzzy Redo

Today I am redoing a golf club cover.  It is fuzzy knitting with one strand of 4-ply wool and one strand of Lion’s Brand Fun Fur.  I like the bright green color and the softness of the Fun Fur.  Knitting the hood (top of golf club cover) in a stockinette stitch is going quickly with size 10.5 needles (6.5mm).

I am glad these knit up reasonable quickly as I am in the midst of the redo from being unsatisfied with my too loosely knitted socks (bottom part of golf club cover).  Have you done a redo on any of your stitching projects?  I think redos happen to many of us at one time or another. The Fun Fur is making the redo enjoyable as is stitching along with others today at Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching.

Today, while driving home from purchasing fresh-picked sweet corn from a local farmer, I spotted a small field of blooming sunflowers.  It was a pleasant surprise.


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