Sauder Village Quilt Show 2014

This week I attended a very nice quilt show at Sauder Village in Archbold, Ohio.  Quilts galore!

I’ve taken a few photos of just a few that caught my eye.  There were many more wonderful quilts, but I get overwhelmed and sidetracked by being surrounded by all the eye candy and apologize for not being able to feature them all.

A pleasant surprise was live beautiful background music from a baby grand piano.
One of the pianists played the theme song from Downton Abbey.  Wonderful!

Baltimore Rhapsody by Teresa at Fabric Therapy received a Blue Ribbon!  Now that I have seen it in person, I was amazed at the tiny applique details.  Beautiful!  The quilt drew quite a crowd throughout the day.

Brilliant jewel tones in this Amish style quilt
Whimsical Chicken Quilt which was so very clever.

Wall hanging
Wall Hanging
Wall Hanging

3-Dimensional Wall Hanging.  
The clothes were hung on a line.
Knock me over with a feather.  Rhett & Scarlett received an
Honorable Mention Ribbon.  
More photos of Sauder Quilt Show to follow within a few days.  
Again, I wish I could have photographed them all.


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