Oakland County Quilt Show Part 2

More photos of Michigan’s Oakland County Quilt Guild’s 2014 Show.  Below each full-view photo, is a picture of tag with name of maker.  It was a lovely show and I wish I could have taken photos of all the quilts. Thanks in advance for not pinning images on Pinterest.

Before, the eye candy begins, I would like to announce the recipient of the giveaway.   Terry’s name (of Terry’s Treasures) was randomly drawn this morning.  The Fons & Porter Fabric Mechanical Pencil will be on its way.  A big Thank You to all who commented.

Close-up of her exquisite hand quilting.

I am going to end the show photos with a different Aunt Millie’s Garden than the one I first photographed in Part 1.  They are very similar with the red backgrounds.  I thoroughly enjoyed viewing them both.  I love this pattern by Piece O Cake Designs and I am seriously contemplating adding it to my bucket list.  I wonder how long it takes to make? 

In a few days, I hope to travel to Sauder Village in Ohio for their quilt show.  I hope to post some more quilt photos.


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