Snow on Easter Eggs

We have all heard the term, “Frost on the Pumpkins.”  Here we have “Snow on the Easter Eggs.”

Daffodils were blooming in my backyard and I did not see them until it was too late 😦

Good news is that the pansies may be okay and our weather is warming to 58 degrees.  Springtime in Michigan.


6 thoughts on “Snow on Easter Eggs

  1. We had snow here, too, although thanks to 70 degree temps Friday through Sunday, it didn't accumulate. Still … the very idea of snow in mid April is appalling! 😉 Hope everything survives what I'm hoping is Winter's last hurrah.


  2. It snowed all day on Tuesday but only a dusting remained…so you certainly ended up with more. I had a lilac bush wrapped in three blankets for two nights, worried about losing the blooms. I picked some daffodils the other day so at least I have a few….any early tulips etc in the neighborhood all dead.The snow DOES look pretty on your Easter eggs, though! 🙂


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