Slow Knit

For today’s Slow Sunday Stitching, I will be knitting an ever-so-cute bunny rabbit.

You may have seen this hand-stitched project on a previous post.  However, it was set aside while I worked on Rhett & Scarlett in order to meet several quilt show deadlines.

So here I am again stitching with yet another time-sensitive (Easter) project.  Lol!  I should be fine as I have refreshed my knitting skills this past week while viewing Knitting Help free videos.  The ears are completed.

Later this afternoon I shall be knitting while watching the Masters golf tournament.  Spring feels so good!

If you are a fast knitter and are interested in making a knitted bunny rabbit this upcoming Easter week, the pattern is readily available for a quick download on Ravelery.  The designer’s website is Little Cotton Rabbits.  So so cute!

P.S.  New blog name (Happy 2 Stitch) is forthcoming. Please note all above links and referrals are totally unsolicited as I enjoy sharing what I learn in blogland.


8 thoughts on “Slow Knit

  1. I don't knit but I have a friend that does so I forwarded that great free vid link you posted to her! I love the photo of the rabbit… I love the steel gray you are using for your bunny too! I am excited to watch her grow in the next week! Hope you can share here… if not will enjoy reading about it once gifted! Happy stitching for sure! Kathi


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