Almost Done

Cable stitching the outside border this past week was very enjoyable.  The binding should be the next step; however, it will have to wait a few days.  As there are eight days remaining prior to show deadline, I have decided to redo some of my alternate blocks.  Subconsciously, I must like to pressure myself or I am stalling my spring cleaning. 

There is nothing wrong with the blocks other than I am dissatisfied with my choice of how I angled the double row of stitching.  Initially, I thought it would be clever original to have one row of alternates stitched in one direction and the next row slanted in the opposite direction.  As the quilt progressed, the zig zaggy diagonals bothered me.  I kept telling myself that it would be okay, but it was not.

For the third time I got out the seam ripper (we are becoming buddies) and began to remove previous stitches. Six full blocks and four half blocks are affected.  I have timed myself per block; 12 minutes to remove previous stitches; approximately 90 minutes to requilt.

Therefore, I am still continuing sewing the same quilt.  It is okay as I am thoroughly enjoying the company of other stitchers on Slow Sunday Stitching hosted by Kathy.  It is my hope to have the redo blocks finished mid-week.

This Civil War era 1800s reproduction fabrics quilt finally has a name: “Rhett and Scarlett.”  Rhett is for the dark browns and black; Scarlett represents the burgandy and flowery double pinks.

May you experience smooth needlework this week without having any redos!



11 thoughts on “Almost Done

  1. It's OKAY because Spring Cleaning can wait till fall 🙂 🙂 Having 2 dogs and a cat, there are basically only a few months when they don't shed terribly and that is the winter. So my place is always worse after summer and needs more cleaning then. See how I justify minimal spring cleaning? 🙂 Happy Stitching ( and unstitching ) on your lovely quilt : )


  2. I love it when quilts tell you how they really want to be quilted… will love to see the end results of this redo with a pic of the before and after… I think it will look amazing when you call this one finished… so happy with the name your quilt spoke to you too! lol Rhett and Scarlett is PERFECT! Thanks for sharing your ups and downs! Kathi


  3. Your spring training won't go away … so keep working on that quilt. (That's MY motto! ha!) I can't wait to see how you quilt those Rhett blocks. And I may have already mentioned it, but I LOVE those fabrics … just love them!


  4. Better to change it now that to have to look at it forever and not like it. It is a lot of work but in the end you will have a finished product you love. Like the name too!!!


  5. Some projects are bossier than others 🙂 Your churn dash quilt looks remarkably similar to one I am working on, but my hand quilting skills are of the “big stitch” variety! Good luck with your redo–it looks great.


  6. As you decide to re do. Enjoy the process, your quilt is so beautiful. I will be looking forward to see it done.. Have a blessed week, and Happy stitching Sunday.


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