Wishful Sunday

I am enjoying the hand quilting process, and hope to complete a block today on Slow Sunday Stitching.  Oh how I wish I could quilt all day; however, today is not that kind of a Sunday.  

While I quilt, I complete each block before I move onto the next.  I then proceed across each row block by block.  I assume this is the process how most hand quilters stitch a quilt?  
After I complete each row, my eyes and hands are ready for a change.  First, it is a pleasure to outline stitch the repro fabrics. as there is a wide variety due to it being a scrap quilt.

Second, I like the ease of a double line straight stitching on the alternate blocks.  It is simple and relaxing.

A pleasant surprise is how the half triangles meet on point with the alternate blocks.  Have you ever experienced a little surprise as your hand stitching patterns evolve?

On the last day of the 2014 Winter Olympics and the last Sunday in February, may you find a snippet of time for handwork and/or visiting others at Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching.

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