Knitted Bunny

Today I look forward to beginning a new hand knit project.  I have not knitted in many years, but this super cute girl bunny has tempted me to pick up yarn again:

I first saw knitted bunnies on a Quiltsalott posting.  My reaction was “Aw, too cute.”  I was curious and followed the link to Little Cotton Rabbits and was smitten with all the bunny rabbits. It was easy to purchase and download the pattern.

Next was a trip to a local yarn store (the brick and mortar variety) and a refresher knitting demo on YouTube, and I am ready to start clicking those needles.

Since I haven’t knitted in years, I had no supplies not even a scrap of yarn.  Therefore, the initial bunny will not be inexpensive although the pattern itself is an excellent value.

It is amazing that I can purchase a pattern from across an ocean and have it printed in full color within seconds.

I am grateful to have discovered Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching weekly linky party as I am a slow stitcher. I need to start my knit stitches in January to be completed by Easter.


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