Diagonal Blocks Set on Point

All my diagonal blocks have been pieced into rows.  It’s taken a long time to get to this stage of my browns & pinks reproduction fabrics.
I hope the above photo is a quick, easy and visual tip for the beginner quilter on how diagonal blocks are pieced into rows.
My next step is to piece the rows. Having a design wall is very helpful. My inexpensive “design wall” is just the reverse side of a flannel-backed tablecloth temporarily tacked onto my basement wall. Click here for previous post.
To see other great works in progress this week, check out Esther’s Blog.

One thought on “Diagonal Blocks Set on Point

  1. I am still early in my bucket list of quilts and setting blocks on point is one thing I would LOVE to do on a quilt someday… I have pinned this for future reference… so I can come back to this post 🙂 Thanks for sharing how to do this… GREAT photo for me… very visual learner… I also have a flannel backed tablecloth for a design board 🙂 lol! Kathi


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