Blocks All Pieced

Upon sewing a few blocks here and there, all blocks are pieced together!  They are all on my design wall and in the order of which I have started to piece the rows (on the diagonal).

Here is a before photo of the last two blocks needing piecing.

Last 2 blocks all arranged and ready for piecing.

Here is the after photo.  Yea!  Finally, all blocks pieced.

Last 2 blocks pieced neat and tidy.

After rearranging the blocks, I am now piecing them to the alternate blocks.  I am assembling the rows on the diagonal:

I must admit that I began to tire of piecing the individual blocks and had to nudge myself.  Now while I am assembling the rows, it is great fun.

My overall design wall progress this week:

More Design Walls are featured at Patchwork Times hosted by Judy.


10 thoughts on “Blocks All Pieced

  1. Your quilt is looking very good and you are going to have it pieced together in no time. Don't you just love it when you get the rows done and it all goes more quickly. The churn dash was the first block I ever hand pieced.


  2. This churn dash is about 2/3's hand pieced. I learned that I was tiring of it as I kept changing colors and fabric arrangement. Design wall help immensely and that is when I decided to get moving on it. Therefore, I switched over to machine piecing. I will hand quilt.


  3. Ooh, you have been hand piecing this? I have never tried that before! I don't know quite HOW to piece by hand, but I've surprised myself with how much of my hand applique blocks I can get done at odd moments in the carpool line, waiting at the doctor's office or during my sons' music lessons. Meanwhile I'm way behind on the pieced blocks that I do by machine because I can't seem to find the time to sneak off to the sewing room.


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