Jill’s Sewing Museum


My “old sewing stuff” has now been upgraded to my “Sewing Museum.”  It includes a store display box for the needles and an old chic (slightly shabby) sewing tin that belonged to my mother-in-law.

I have two small framed pieces that relate to sewing:

  1. A lovely petit-point framed picture.  The workmanship is very finely done on mesh.  Based on the paper backing on frame and original price sticker, I estimate this to be from the 1940s.  
  2. The second framed piece is a snapshot photo of ladies having a “bed turning of quilts.”  The photo is dated 1956.  It is hard to view, but all the ladies are dressed up (including pearls) for the bed turning.  This was a gift from a dear friend who matted the photo on vintage quilt fabric and then framed it.  How clever is that?

Just this past weekend I came across the above “portable” Singer 99K sewing machine at a local estate sale.  It’s similar in size to a Featherweight, but much much heavier.  According to serial number, it was made 1955ish. I’m still grateful to have found this treasure as the price was only $25!  My hunt for a reasonably priced Featherweight continues.

Part of my ‘lil sewing museum are some of my antique quilts that have been loving stitched by previous generations.

This post was inspired by Beth at Love Laugh Quilt.  Check out others’ older sewing items at Beth’s innovative linky party entitled”Sewing Museum Linky Party.”  Join the party and share some of your ‘museum’ pieces.  We all can learn.


14 thoughts on “Jill’s Sewing Museum

  1. Good question. A “Bed Turning” is like having a quilt show in one's home. Quilts are layered upon each other on a bed. The quilts are then “turned” back one by one for viewing. A party was usually hosted in someone's home for the viewing. Now they are beginning to have “Bed Turnings” at quilt shows.


  2. Hi Jill, glad you found my blog. Now I have found yours. I am a “piddler” since I do a little of everything and complete almost nothing. Isn't that what retired people are supposed to do? Once you have had a chance to try retirement out, let me know what you think. Please enjoy my two blogs Wetcreek Blog and Wetcreek Museum Blog. LindaPS I found a vintage child's sewing machine in a box of discarded toys. What a treasure!


  3. Hi Linda, Yes, I noted that you have two blogs. I seem to have accomplished more while working. Some of my recent retirement time is reading blogs and I seem to wander more, i.e., shopping, around the house. I think it is part of unwinding. Lucky you finding a child's sewing machine! Thanks for commenting.


  4. Thanks for asking about if it works as you prompted me to do a test drive. Yeap! Sews a nice straight stitch. I hear a 'lil knocking so I'll fiddle with it. It just might be a loose bobbin.


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