Work in Progress

My current quilt is made of browns and double pinks reproduction fabrics.  I only have 3.5 blocks to complete and then I can start assembling. I’ve decided to make it more scrappy.  However, to qualify specifically as a scrap quilt (in a specific quilt show), 75 different fabrics are required.  Oh darn!  Now I have to go my local quilt store to purchase a few more fat quarters.  LOL!
To view some absolute wonderful WOWs, feel free to visit Esther’s Blog.

13 thoughts on “Work in Progress

  1. I love repro browns and pinks together…I have a UFO in those fabrics I should finish in my abundance of spare time (ha-ha-ha). You are so close…good luck with pushing to the finish!In stitches,Teresa :o)


  2. Oh, I love your double pinks and browns! It's a combination I haven't tried but had been thinking about. I don't have many pinks (double or otherwise) so maybe not for a while yet.


  3. Different double pinks cottons have been a bit of a challenge to find. Usually, I find them with the repro Civil War era fabrics. Thank you for stopping by!. Jill


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